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Foul Weather Trucks: Five Automobiles that Can Handle the Snow

Old man winter is settling in, bringing the bitter cold, and mounting snows for the duration of the season. When you head out, bundled up to your eyebrows, you want to know that your truck is going to get you anywhere. Your vehicle should be your first priority in winter. Pay close attention to five, foul weather trucks that can handle the snow or any kind of weather.

Foul Weather Trucks Five Automobiles that Can Handle the Snow

Nothing Runs Like a Chevy

The Chevy Silverado is built to plow through those high snow drifts, and whether you opt for the 1500 or 2500HD, you’ll have a powerhouse. Features include coil-over-shock suspension, high lateral-rate body mounts, and impressive rear axles that are up to snuff. Choose a V8 or V6 engine to get the job done. Check out Rocky Ridge Chevy Trucks for sale to find the right ride.


Don’t Forget Your Trusty Ford

Ford lovers agree that nothing runs like a F-150. This full-size beast has an advantage over cars thanks to four-wheel drive, and enough weight to hold steady. You’re less likely to see America’s top seller slipping and sliding with an excellent payload. You can opt for a V6 or V8 and choose your preference in transmission to weather any storm.


You Know It’s Ram Tough

Head to the Dodge dealer when you’re looking for something to tough out icy roads and whiteout conditions. With a 100,000 mile warranty on the powertrain, and the Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500, you get to choose how much muscle you need when the weather outside is frightful. Look under the hood at a V6 or a Hemi V8 and have confidence on the road.


Plow Through with a Toyota

Toyota offers you the Tacoma and the Tundra, two respectable vehicles that will ride out winter’s storms. You’ll be backed by a V6 in the Tacoma or a V8 in the Tundra. It’s tire pressure monitor system and Star Safety system are more advantages to keep you safe when the elements are against you.


Finish the Journey in a Hummer

You won’t find a new hummer, but there are plenty of the used variety. These vehicles are like a tank, built to endure anything, and will take on snow without a problem.


As you gear up for the blast of icy air and heaps of white stuff, choose wisely when it comes to a vehicle. Make sure you invest in the ride that is all about performance.

Fleet Management Made Easy

Many large companies with a fleet of vehicles need to have personnel looking after that side of the business. Fleet management is a full time job. If a company has a number of vehicles on the road, both delivery vans or trucks and sales personnel cars then there are all the issues of documentation, insurance and finance, servicing and of course purchasing. It is a support function but completely non productive when it comes to the business sector in which it operates. There must be a better way.

Every company is different and there are various ways to handle vehicles within a company’s accounts. Each vehicle that is an asset of the company will be depreciated over a period down to nil value though there may well be significant value in the vehicle itself.

Contract hire

The alternative to actually owning a fleet of vehicles is to acquire them on contract hire whereby they never appear within the company balance sheet. The expense appears merely in the profit and loss account. There are certainly advantages in having another company looking after everything.  A company like can provide a national facility supplying commercial vehicles of varying sizes and cars ranging between the ideal salesman’s car and a little luxury for the boss.

A rental company takes responsibility for its vehicles. There will be procedures in place in the event of an accident, an emergency breakdown and even when the driver is facing a traffic offense. Regular servicing ensures that the problems a company with a fleet of contract hire vehicles will face should be minimal. Cars and vans can be exchanged at the end of a specific period and new ones provided.


There should be no problem in branding vehicles; after all mobile advertising can still benefit your company and costs you nothing. Your delivery vans may spend all day travelling around a city for example. Advertising on buses is popular because it is seen as effective so the cost of personalisation is a small price to pay for good exposure.

Finding the ideal supplier

There is only the decision to make; and that’s which firm to use. There may be several companies offering the facilities you require and you should look for a combination of competitive pricing and service when making that decision. Websites generally provide everything you need to know about what a company is offering and you will always be welcome to address any questions that are not covered by the site.

It is surely food for thought if you have always bought vehicles in a piecemeal way and serviced them whenever required. If you use a single company to look after your needs there will be little for you to worry about other than the price you are paying for the service. No matter the size of your business, if you have a number of vehicles in service it’s worthwhile finding out more about outsourcing your fleet management and if your business would benefit from such a decision.

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Guide to Gross Vehicle Weight Rating for Moving Trucks

GVWR or GVM is very important when it comes to moving trucks. Known as the gross vehicle weight rating it is considered to be the highest weight a vehicle of this nature can operate as set out by the manufacturer. This takes into account a number of different factors including the likes of the truck’s body as well as its engine, fuel, body, cargo and even the passengers. These hosts of factors are all crucial in the vehicle’s weight. Yet the gross weight overall is referred to the actual mass of an actual truck or particular vehicle. Below you will find are there is to know regarding GVWR for moving trucks and vehicles.

white moving storage truck

Licence permits

If you decide to drive a truck or a vehicle then a regular car licence in an EU territory allows you the opportunity to drive anything with a vehicle weighting of around 8,000lbs. This includes;

  • Any licence holders who possess a UK class B permit.
  • Anyone who have passed a driving test since the beginning of 1997.
  • The ability to operate minibuses.

HGV trucks

On the other hand, those who would like the chance to drive an HGV or Heavy Goods Vehicle with a rating of more than 7.5kg needs to have a class C official permit for their truck. This can be for any given vehicle except a bus, whilst you will need to pass not to mention have to;

  • Receive a Class C permit.
  • Be aware of the fact that there might be restrictions for driving vehicles in the US which are more than 6,000lbs.


Of course it is essential to recognize the gross vehicle weight rating as a limit for your truck or as set out by the manufacturer. Nonetheless your vehicle should not under any circumstances be unnecessarily loaded up beyond the weight rating itself. In this way, safety is definitely the operative word. Some problems you may encounter with an unbalanced GVWR feature;

  • The brakes may not work properly in order to reduce your speed.
  • The suspension suddenly grinding to a halt or becoming ineffective thanks to the extra strain.
  • Tyres that are under strain coming under greater pressure from the weight thus creating more heat and leading to a possible blow out.

Be sensible

If you are moving home or looking to hire a london removals company to transport your goods, you will need to take into account an important point. In addition to this, you will have to factor in things such as passengers in the car and whether or not this is included in the overall GVW. On the other hand, if you are towing a trailer, you should consider things such as;

  • Tongue weight.
  • Finding out the gross vehicle weight which can normally be found inside the door frame of the vehicle.
  • Looking for further details on the web regarding gross vehicle weight from the manufacturers.


One of the most important areas for a moving truck is that all loads should be properly secured in case of any issues. Furthermore, any items should be covered or at the very least so they don’t interfere with the overall vehicle weight rating which might alter. This is so objects do not become loose from the vehicle in question. It should also not obstruct the driver’s vision which could prove to make the truck unbalanced to a certain extent.

Personal choice

At the end of the day, it is really down to the individual when looking for the right vehicle and weight rating. You must locate the correct vehicle with a rating that will match your specific requirements. Therefore, it is imperative that you;

  • Find a vehicle or truck which has slightly more capacity.
  • Search for the tow load or tongue weight which is well within the capacity of a vehicle.
  • Take your time to find something that will be both durable and good value.

With more and more people hitting the highway in search of adventure, moving home or using trucks for work, there are a host of opportunities for people to use trucks. If you follow just a few of these simple steps, it will ensure you are more than comfortable with seeking information on gross vehicle weight ratings.

Five Ways to Make Your Auto Dealership Stand Out at the Next Tradeshow

Does your auto dealership have a unique brand backing it? If you want to promote your brand and stand apart from the crowd, participating in an industry tradeshow is key. But if you spend the money to buy space at an industry tradeshow, you need to make sure that you stand out and that you attract attendees to your booth to hear what value you can offer them. If you are planning on participating in an upcoming tradeshow, here are five ways you can guarantee that your company will be seen.

Five Ways to Make Your Auto Company Stand Out at the Next Tradeshow

A Dazzling Display is Key

If you have a boring tradeshow display, persuading people to come to your booth instead of the one with a modular display and flashy design will be virtually impossible. Remember that people gather a first impression of your company in just three seconds based on looks. If you want to impress your audience, invest in a custom display that dazzles the eye.


Have a Professional Face

If you are not the type to get in front of an audience and speak comfortably, make sure you have a very energetic person representing your brand. Did you know that you can hire people to represent your brand at tradeshows? Have a professional face and very social people walking around the event to drive traffic to your booth.


Send out Mailers

You will find out your booth number early as you are preparing for the event. Make sure to order invitation mailers and marketing postcards so that you can send your prospects and customers invitations. Letting people know that you’ll be participating in the tradeshow could drive more traffic to your booth.


Engage with Mobile Applications

Be sure to keep your audience engaged. With so many people using mobile devices to connect to the internet, you can truly benefit from designing a mobile app just for your tradeshow. Find suppliers and mobile app creators in the Cleveland, Ohio, area. By giving participants tools to engage with you at the tradeshow, you can show them videos and keep them excited about your brand.


Give a Gift that Keeps Giving

Many attendees go to tradeshows to learn about new cars or to receive gifts. Consider educating them but don’t forget to give promotional products that reinforce your brand. These useful items can be imprinted with the name of your dealership and contact details.


Tradeshows are a great platform for auto companies to promote their brand. If you want to show off a new model or dazzle an audience with your advanced features, drive the traffic to your booth by using these tips. If you put in the effort, it will pay off with ROI.

The Best Roads for a Drive in Spain

The Best Roads for a Drive in Spain
Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. From its delectable cuisine and picturesque beaches to its vibrant nightlife, Spain offers a wonderful package for any avid traveller. One of the best ways to explore this magnificent country is to rent a car and drive. Since almost all the motorways and main roads are well maintained, you will have the freedom to discover the landmarks, architecture and festivals of each city at ease.

Depending on your personal needs, make a wise choice as far as renting a car is concerned. You can use the internationally established ACRISS system to find which car suits your needs. Generally, ECMN (2-4 door economy car with manual transmission) is suitable for 2-4 passengers. However, if it’s a group of 4-5 passengers and you have extra luggage, perhaps FDAR (four-door, full size car with automatic transmission) would be more a more appropriate choice. Additionally, you must find European car insurance that covers holidays before you set out for your adventure since Spanish law requires all vehicles to have compulsory third party insurance.

There are several routes that you may wish to consider for a motoring holiday. Thousands of tourists choose to take the most popular route from the south coast of England by ferry to the northern coast of Spain. Although it may not be the cheapest or the quickest option, it does save the lengthy drive through France if you want to focus only on Spanish roads. However, if you think that the ferry is not the right option for you, the Eurotunnel can be a great way to arrive quickly with your car in Calais.

If you are aiming for the quickest journey that gets you to Spain as soon as possible, the following route is advised:
• Take A16 from Calais
• Get on the A26/E15
• After driving for about 100km, take the A1 towards Arras-Est
• Take A3 after about 150km
• Pick up the A71/E09 after 100km
• Take A75 after approximately 300km
• Take exit 60
• Get on D13
D13 eventually leads to Spain where you will find yourself either on the AP7 or A7, which directly goes to Barcelona in about 300km. According to the information provided by P&O Ferries, the journey should take about 12 hours for covering the total distance, which is approximately 1320km, so do take at least one rest stop to get a good night’s sleep along the way.

When you get to Barcelona, aim for any of the following routes for a fantastic driving experience in Spain:
• Drive along the coastline of northern Costa Brava outside the beautiful town of Cadaques. Here you will be able to see the great Roman and Greek ruins in Empuries.
• Drive along the 80km road linking the historic “five towns.” The road goes from Tauste to Sos del Rey Catolico.
• Take the road to the hills of the historic walled city of Avila from Felipe II’s monastery. This is about an hour’s drive and is one of the most scenic routes in the entire country.

Wherever you choose to go, make sure you know the route before you head off, that you are well rested, and that you have the correct car and travel insurance to keep you covered for the duration of your unforgettable road trip.

FMCSA To Hold Public Listening Session On Entry-Level Training

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMSCA announced that they would be holding a public listening session on January 7, 2013 to get feedback and ideas regarding the safety training for all entry-level commercial drivers. The feedback from this meeting will be taken into consideration as the government agency makes revisions to the current Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) bill. The listening session offers a unique opportunity for those in the industry to have a real say in the legislation and regulations imposed on commercial drivers.

Moving Ahead for Progress Bill

The MAP bill was signed into law back in July by President Obama and will remain in effect, until mid-2014. The bill not only addresses safety for commercial vehicle drivers but also ruled on funding provided to states to improve the conditions and safety of their roads, transit systems, and bridges. The Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood expressed the bill was completely bipartisan with the aim of increasing up safety efforts in roads, transit, and motor carrier safety.

Importance of Adequate Safety Training for New Drivers

When it comes to introducing new drivers into a fleet, they need to be trained fully in safe practices as well as the extensive regulations placed on commercial drivers. A recent article from Fleet Owner spoke with the director of safety and policy with the Truckload Carriers Association, David Heller, who explained that generally changes to training requirements are well received when they benefit the industry. He went on to state that the FMCSA should be focusing on ensuring entry-level drivers are receiving the best training and that the processes surrounding this training are sound.

Getting Involved and Making Your Voice Heard

Those who will be impacted by any changes to the MAP bill such as drivers and fleet owners/supervisors should ensure that their thoughts are heard. The FMCSA asks that all that choose to participate and provide suggestions and ideas also include studies and research when applicable.  All information presented will be reviewed by the agency and considered when drafting revisions to the training. The driver safety training talk will be extremely important in deciding future laws and regulations for drivers.   The more training commercial drivers have can lead to less accidents on the road.  Making sure these drivers are prepared to the fullest before they get on the road is extremely important.  Some of these changes could lead to an overall safer experience for all drivers on the road.

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Why Buy A Used Car?

Just because you have a poor credit score doesn’t mean you should be eliminated from buying a used car. After all, that car may play a key role in getting you to and from the very job that will pay the bills, and therefore help increase your credit score. If you can’t afford, or unable to qualify for new car financing, then buying a used car may be the right option for you. However, buying used cars is not only for people who are unable to qualify for new car financing. Timothy Allen, who sells used cars in Brownsville TX, says, “Buying used cars is no longer something mean for people who can’t afford a brand new car… it’s a smart decision for first-time car buyers… particularly young adults who don’t want a pricey car as their first vehicle.”

Below are the two biggest benefits to buying a used car:

Saving Money
The most obvious benefit of buying a used car is of course, saving money. A used car usually costs a significant amount less than a brand new car and often is in great shape – it just has a few extra miles on it. Depending on your budget, you may be able to buy a used vehicle that’s like new… otherwise it may require a few minor fixes to get it into shape. Buying a used car is perfect for a shopper on a budget or someone with less than perfect credit.

No Worrying About Minor Damage
It’s a fact of life that your car is going to suffer a few minor bumps, scrapes, and bruises whether you  buy it new or used. However, when you buy a used car, you don’t have to worry too much about a tiny dent from another door hitting it or a scratch from a tree branch that was just a little too close. New drivers are more likely to get into fender benders so by buying a used car, you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money to fix such a minor problem as you would if the car is new.

As Timothy Allen, who sells used cars in Brownsville TX said, “Used cars are becoming more and more popular among consumers in today’s economy.” If you simply don’t have the money to put down for a new car or you’d rather spend that money elsewhere, buying a used car is a great option. Whether you’re a brand new driver or simply don’t see the sense in buying a brand new car, start looking into used car dealerships around you to see what they offer – there’s most likely something out there that’s perfect for you and your needs.

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The F-Type: The Unplanned Baby and How it Stands Apart from the E-type

There is word going around that the F-type was not on the immediate cards for the Jaguar design team. The team had been thinking about it, true, but it wasn’t going to be built in the near future. So it’s lucky for us car enthusiasts that the circumstances that precipitated this beauty into the production line came to be.

And what were these circumstances? It turns out that industrialist Ratan Tata was the reason the car made it to the factories. He believed the Jaguar lineup needed to tap into its original inception as a sporting line. We think the Jaguar Land Rover owner was shrewd in knowing our minds – we wanted to see a Jaguar sports car that was different, innovative and modern. And the F-type definitely delivers on that desire for modernity.

The car is also special for another reason. It’s the first 2-seater authentic sports car that Jaguar has given us in decades. Those of us – my car enthusiast friends and acquaintances – that made it to the Sydney Auto Show last October were stunned with the exhibit at the Jaguar stand. It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything so seductively splendid. It also stands out as being so similar yet so different from its great predecessor of another era, the E-type.

It’s inevitable that the E-type enters the conversation every time we talk of Jaguar, and it seeps into the F-type design as well. Yet we can tell that the Jaguar is a nod to the E-type only when the two siblings are stationed side by side. This car has its own personality, and for those of you that couldn’t make it to the Sydney Motor Show, here’s a firsthand account of this gorgeous roadster.

The F-Type’s Design Features

The F-type can also hold its own when it comes to design. We love the shape of the headlamps. It flows out of the lines of the bonnet, instead of breaking up the front of this roadster. The two shark gills set on either side of the mesh grille is a new feature, it lends a slight welcome meanness to the otherwise soft-looking Jaguar roadsters.

Inside, the car is quite modern. It’s clean under the bonnet (which only contains airbag warning labels and cladding) unlike the E-type’s attractive insides, but that’s okay, given that this fits in with an overall clean design. The cabin is ergonomically designed and fitted with airbags for safety. Such features were absent in the E-type, and the F-type is none the uglier for these.

We also love the low dashboard with its center console fitted with pop-up vents. These come up only when they’re needed, and this makes good use of little space. The switches feel raw and technical, and we love that the gearlever also fits in with this raw metallic look, in place of Jaguar’s usual shifter panel and knob.

We’re sure that sounds good to most readers out there. It will be a while before we can test drive one of these when it hits the showroom later this year. Meanwhile, we can look forward to British actor Damien Lewis co-starring with this stunning streetcar in a short Hollywood film named Desire, due to be released in early 2013.

Mandy Forsythe is a writer and car enthusiast. She works full-time at a local paper and does part-time work online to save up for the red f-type she hopes to buy before she turns 35.

Why You Should Think About Buying A Used Chevy In Texas

If your vehicle has seen better days and you’re weighing your options for replacement, you’d be smart to look into a used Chevy. McAllen, Texas Chevy dealers have a great selection of pre-owned used cars, trucks and SUVs in stock, so you’re sure to find just the model you’re looking for, and you’ll save a lot of money as compared to a new car purchase. Buying American has its advantages as well, especially in terms of expenses over the lifetime of your vehicle.

Purchase Price

Of course, the big savings in buying a used Chevy is in the purchase price. A vehicle that is two or three years old can cost thousands less than this year’s model, and an American made Chevy will take a smaller bite out of your budget than one of those imports. Today’s Chevys are built to last, running reliably for years longer than those built 20 years ago. In other words, GM has closed that infamous quality gap between cars made here at home and imported ones, so Texans can have the satisfaction of buying American right along with exceptional quality and reliability.

Long-Term Costs

Long term costs are also a factor to consider when you’re investing in a vehicle. Insurance rates, for example, are lower for used cars than for new ones, yielding substantial savings for most drivers month after month.

Buying used gives you a better opportunity to shop for reliability. Buying a vehicle that’s been on the road for a couple of years means that there are real, hard facts available about performance and reliability. Sure, new cars are tested and examined before they’re put on the market, but used cars have been tested in the real world and have two or three years’ worth of data available to show just how well they’ve held up and detail overall running expenses.

In Texas

Here in Texas, we tend to drive more miles every year than is typical for many other parts of the country, so the cost of repairs and service is a serious consideration. That’s an area where buying a used Chevy can really pay off, since parts are cheaper and more easily available for American made vehicles than they are for imported ones. Then there’s that satisfaction thing again, the knowledge that the money you spend on replacement parts is going to benefit workers at home, rather than an overseas economy.

Buying used can offer you the opportunity to get a great deal on a solid, American made Chevy. McAllen, Texas dealerships have plenty of models available, all carefully inspected and serviced. Why pay that new car price when you can get so much more for thousands less with a gently used Chevy?

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The Most Collectable Cars Of All Time

There are many factors that make a collectable car, from design flaws to special features. Some of the most collectable cars can command incredibly high prices at auction.

Cars will always hold a particular fascination to some individuals. A classic car collection has for a very long time been the quintessential status symbol among the rich and famous. It is hard to say exactly what makes a car collectable. For some it is a particular flaw that is only extant in some models of a particular car, while for others it is the iconic nature of the brand or model.  Many classic cars are highly valued for their link to famous celebrities or cult icons.

Whatever the reason for a car’s collectability, if it is highly desired, it will catch a big price at auction.

Whether you are looking to sell or buy, it is worth knowing what kinds of features make a car collectable so keep an eye out for odd design features or flaws, such as left hand drive, distinctive paint jobs or ornamentation. You never know, you may stumble upon a rare find, like the cars mentioned below.

The 1978 Datsun 280Z Black Pearl Edition was originally introduced as a test to determine whether or not black paint jobs would be a selling point of this particular car. The Black Pearl was so successful that it spawned an entirely new range of automobiles. A very sleek looking vehicle, the 1978 Datsun was a highly regarded car in its time, and even more so now that it has achieved classic car status, fetching prices of up to £14,000 at auction.

A slightly more modern collectable car, the 1990 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo, is only around 23 years old yet has already taken its place as one of the most collectable cars. A reliable and comfortable car, the Oldsmobile is sought after by car collectors for its hardiness and ease of drive. Occasionally selling for as much as £12,000 pounds, this car can be very hard to track down.

Last, but by no means least, ’57 Chevy is one of the most collectable and recognisable cars in the world. Incorporating many of the design features that make cars of its era so distinctive, the 57 Chevy is a car collector’s dream. Iconic, and very rare, the 57 Chevy has been known to fetch up to £60,000 pounds at auction.

Car collecting can be a very serious business. Collectors will bid incredible sums of money for their favourite cars, knowing full well that it might be a very long time before another one comes along. If you see yourself as a car collector, keep an eye out for the cars listed above, you never know when you might chance upon a find. However, if you are so lucky as to buy a rare car, don’t forget your insurance. You would feel more than a little foolish if you spent £40,000 on a car, only to end up damaging it!

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