Top 5 Gadgets For Truckers

Being a commercial truck driver can be a difficult and strenuous job. Trust us, it takes a lot more than simply sitting behind the steering wheel, turning on the radio, and stepping on the gas pedal. Indeed, heavy truck service requires one of the toughest skill sets of any career, including patience, endurance, mental strength, and an acute attention span.

Fortunately these days with the advent of modern technology, there are gadgets and toys available to make trucking a much easier, and much more enjoyable job than it was ten or twenty years ago. With that, we’re happy to bring you our round-up of the top 5 must have accessories for every trucker!

1. GPS

A proper GPS is a given for anybody working in the commercial trucking industry. In fact most modern transport trucks include a built-in system to guarantee that no turn ever goes missed! Some of our favourites are the Cobra 8000 Professional 7” GPS and the Rand McNally RVND7710.

2. AC/DC Television and DVD Player

When you’re on the road, it’s not out of the norm to go over 24 hours without having face to face contact with another person. While this can be incredibly relaxing for some, it can become incredibly boring and isolating after a while. Bringing along a portable TV and/or DVD player to watch your favourite shows on the road can be incredibly comforting, and help you stay entertained during those quiet nights alone.

We like the Coby, DVD/CD/MP3 Portable Player w/ 7” Display.


3. Dash Cam

A dashboard cam might not make your job easier while you’re driving, but it will save you a world of hassle if you get into an accident when you aren’t at fault and need to prove it. Many a trucker has reported being backed into at a truck stop, or rammed while on the freeway, but with no way to prove your innocence, you could end up being the one paying the consequences. With a dash cam, this won’t be a problem. Some of the best dashboard cameras are made by Top Dawg including the Dual Dash Camera and the Night Vision Dash Cam.

4. 12-volt Heater and Fan

Whether it’s in the sweltering heat of summer or the frosty cold of winter, an uncomfortable temperature in your truck will make your whole drive unbearable. Invest in a heater and/or fan, or better yet, something like the duel system Direct Hook-up Ceramic Heater/Fan by RoadPro to ensure that you’re never sweating or shivering in your truck.

5. Bluetooth Headset

The number one complaint of anyone in the commercial trucking industry, is the time away that it requires from friends and family. Truckers go weeks without seeing their loved ones, which can be very difficult—especially for those with children at home. Luckily, with a proper Bluetooth headset it’s easy to stay connected to those special people in your life at any hour of the day. Just pop it in your ear, and you’ll feel like you’ve always got company on the road. We like the Car & Driver Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit and the Top Dawg Single Ear Premium Bluetooth Headset.

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Michael C Nelson is a blogger and an automobile freak. He has been working for Truckers Assist for more than five years. You can contact him through Facebook or Twitter.

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